Zirconia Fast Sintering Furnace

  • 20 sintering curves.

  • Slow and fast sintering 2.5 hours fast sintering speed.

  • Chamber size 100 mm x 90 Φ.

  • Rated power 2500 W.

  • Maximum capacity of sintered crowns 30 PCs.

A fast sintering furnace without any pollution.

AGT-L/AGT-S Highlights

Without any pollution using SiC high-tech core heating components.

Accuracy of constant temperature is ±1℃.

The material can be sintered directly without drying before.

Remarkable energy saving effect.

Excellent sintering effect.


Effect of fast sintering on strength and translucency of zirconia material

Fast sintering causes no adverse effects on the strength and translucency of zirconia material.

Sintering effect

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