AMD-500 S

Dry Milling Machine

  • 5-axis dry milling machine

  • Spindle 1500W , 60,000 RpM

  • Open holder C allows 90° milling

  • 3 color status indicator

  • 10 tools capacity

  • Open-source software 

  • user-friendly touchscreen

Aidite AMD-500S is a high-precision, high-efficiency five-axis dry milling machine with stable operation, powerful functions and easy operation. 90° vertical processing, intelligent maintenance reminder, safety door function, integrated silicone seal and dust-proof design, bring you the most ideal processing solution.


Aidite AMD-500S Highlights

Machine Maintenance Tips

Machine Maintenance Tips

Safety Door

Safety Door

One-piece silicone dustproof

one-piece silicone

Automatic calibration

Automatic calibration

Large Angle Processing/ 90° Processing

Large Angle Processing / 90° Processing

Tool life management

Tool life management Function


Machining angle

Xyz Axis: 180x110x100(mm) 

Ba Axis: B: ±30° -90°; 

A: ±360°


  • Power Consumption: Ac 1500w 

  • Water Cooling 

  • Speed: 60000rpm 

  • Chuck Size: Φ4 Mm

Machining type

Single Crown, Bridges, Veneers, Inlays, Abutments, Screw-retained Crowns, Screw-retained Bridges (Implantation Needs To Add A Separate Nesting Module)

Detail Effect

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