Wet & Dry Milling machine

  • 5-axis dry and wet milling machine

  • water-cooled spindle 1500W , 60,000 RpM

  • Open holder C allows 90° milling 

  • Titanium milling

  • Dust proof

  • 3 color status indicator

  • Safety door

  • Open-source software 

  • user-friendly touchscreen

AMM-520 is a wet and dry integrated multi-functional milling machine, with a stable structure and a variety of fixture combinations, meeting different production needs.

Aidite AMM-520 Highlights

Machine Maintenance Tips

Machine Maintenance Tips

Safety Door

Safety Door

One-piece silicone dustproof

one-piece silicone

Customized Abutment Reverse Grip Milling

Customized Abutment Reverse Grip Milling

Harmonic drive

Harmonic drive

Various fixtures (optional)

Various fixtures (optional)



  • Power supply: single-phase AC 220V 50/60Hz Voltage 

  • Power: 2.2KW 10A 

  • Air pressure: 6Bar


  • Power: AC 1500W 

  • Cooling: water cooling 

  • Speed: 60000rpm 

  • Chuck size: Φ4 mm

Processing type

Denture, bitesplingt, snap on smile, surgical guide, partial framework, crown and bridge, veneer, inlay, post and core, screw-retained bridge (a separate nesting moudle needs to be added for implant case), custom abutment.

Detail Effect

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