AMW-400 S

Wet Dental Milling Machine

  • 4-axis wet milling machine

  • water-cooled spindle 1500W , 60,000 RpM

  • 10 tools capacity

  • Dust proof

  • 3 color status

  • Open-source software 

  • user-friendly touchscreen

Aidite AMW-400S is a stable, high-precision, highly efficient wet milling machine. The equipment is easy to operate and adopts one-piece silicone protection and a new fixture concept design. Bring you the ideal personalized abutment and glass ceramic processing solutions.

Aidite AMW-400S Highlights

Machine Maintenance Tips

Machine Maintenance Tips

Safety Door

Safety Door

One-piece silicone dustproof

One-piece SiliconeDust-proof

Processing Material Quantity

Processing Material Quantity

Customized Abutment Reverse Grip Milling

Customized Abutment Reverse Grip Milling

Tool life management

Tool life management Function



  • Tool life management 

  • Working Status Indicator 

  • Safe door 

  • Flow detection function 

  • 90° vertical processing


  • Water cooling 

  • MAX:60000RPM 

  • AC 1500W 

  • 6mm collet

Processing type

Crowns, bridges, implant bridges, veneers, inlays, open crowns, temporary crowns, etc.

Detail Effect

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