Biomic Glaze

Aesthetic Kit/Basic Kit/Gum Kit

Biomic Colors give you great vibrancy and easy pay-off of the color payoff on Zircon offset.

High Aesthetics

To replicate natural dentition with the highest esthetics Aidite introduces Biomic Stain/Glaze specially developed for CAD/CAM all-ceramic restorations. The product is designed to allow dental technicians to use a fast, simple method to finish their work, achieving a restoration that replicates natural teeth.

This new set of Biomic Stain/Glaze is designed to match the aesthetics of natural teeth with 2D paste colors. 3D paste effects are added as well. The color mixture of 2D and 3D paste can maximize the aesthetic effects.

Biomic Stain/Glaze

Biomic Gum

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

All in one

It can replace the dye required by various external dyeing operations at present, because it is suitable for various manufacturers and various types of ceramic restorations, and it is not necessary to prepare different dye for different materials of restorations

Simple to use

Biomic paste has the same steps as general stain and glaze. Users can quickly enter the state. And at the same time, the paste contains ceramic powder particles, the final effect is similar to porcelain crowns, and the high permeability and fluorescence effect will make the restoration present the same optical effect as the natural teeth.

Bionic aesthetics

The 3D paste contains larger ceramic powder particles, and with its unique anti-collapse performance, only a small amount is enough to achieve the surface texture effect of traditional build-up. At the same time, the higher strength of 3D paste provides better anti-wear performance.

Processing Tips

Low-temperature powder can be mixed into Glaze-F to form a special paste. If it is too thick, it can be mixed with coloring liquid 1.

If you want to make a special color 3D paste, just mix the powder with 3D Natural, and add the coloring liquid 2 to adjust the consistency as needed for easy operation.

All the surfaces of all ceramic crowns can be adjusted with 3D paste.

The 3D pastes contain porcelain powder, which will increase the thickness after sintering and can be used to increase the occlusal contact area, abutment surface, and incisal length.

When micro-cutting the full crown, the 3D paste can be directly used after dyeing to achieve the same effect as porcelain.

To reduce the surface brightness of the restoration after sintering, the sintering temperature can be reduced to 715℃.

To improve the surface brightness of the restoration after sintering, the sintering temperature can be increased to 750℃.

You can increase or decrease the surface brightness of the restoration by manual polishing after glazing.

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