Rapid 3

Intraoral Scanner

Accurate data collection: High accuracy makes it possible to collect intraoral data for cases with large tooth loss areas smoothly and accurately.

Meet Aidite Rapid 3, empowering a Highly Efficient Digital chairside solution.

Aidite Rapid 3 Digital Scanner Highlights

Automatic anti-fogging

One-click remotesensing control

Autoclavable (100 times)

Data collection of complex casesis smooth and accurate

The high precision and increased depth of field of Aidite Rapid 3 enables it to smoothly and accurately complete the intraoral data collection of implant cases with large area missing teeth, and cover implant cases with removable dentures and long bridge missing teeth, etc, which can shorten the time of patient visit and improve patient experience.

Data acquisition before removable denture implantation

Data acquisition before long-bridge lack implatation


AI scan + Clinical Toolkit, enjoy digital working mode

AI Scan

Automatically identifies and fillters out unnecessary soft tissue dataduring scanning resulting in a quicker and cleaner scan process.

Add 3D printing base

One click to add 3D printing base, no need to operate in the design software software, simple and fast.

Implant scan rod matching

The data of planting scanning rod can be imported to realize one-click matching during scanning, improve the accuracy of scanning rod and reduce the rework rate.

Bite check

Draw edge lines

Undercut check

Practical online tools - Share data quickly

Data transfer, so easy.

Data sharing, one code

Doctors can use QR codes to transfer data to cooperative LABS, which is faster and more efficient.

Fast mail, communication

barrier free Doctors can communicate quickly with the lab via quick email.

Multi-scenario application, flexible response

Different materials, different colors are intuitively visible metal scan.

Technical Specifications

Recommended PC Configuration

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