• Multiple images supports CT/PAN/CEPH

  • Simulated Implanting

  • AI + automatic correction of metal areas

  • Cloud storage (optional) Orthodontic status report

  • Intelligent tracking of clinical stages

  • Visual display of the report with the measurement effect clearly

  • Area evaluation

  • Accurate 3D reconstruction

  • Airway measurement

  • Diagnosis of temporomandibular joint problems


VTO: It combines the lateral image of the patient with the cephaloscopic image
It can be adjusted precisely through the ANCHOR POINT to ensure that the x-ray image is completely overlaid with the patient’s image, so that the orthodontic effect is intuitively simulated with one click.



There are several methods included in the program that enable doctors to choose them according to the clinical situation. At the same time, the program allows doctors to create a new measurement method for flexible and effective analysis of clinical cases.


360°scan and 800 frame images with unique CT algorithms

Multiple focus layers in panoramic imaging, fitting the patient's dental arch

QuartZ 4 scan platform, supporting flexible scan mode

Ease of use

Easy-to-target scan area

Six positioning lasers with face-to-face communication to posit precisely

X-type base is convenient for wheelchair-bound patients

Storage box design

10"LED touch screen

Voice reminder

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